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Anna Christie

tells the story of a young woman's struggle for redemption and a chance at a new life. Harboring a troubling secret from her past, Anna reunites with her father - a captain, a master of the sea, and a man she hardly knows. As the wild and dangerous waters would have it, Anna meets a shipwrecked young sailor and the two fall in love. When she finds she can no longer hide her past from the two men in her life, the bonds of love are tested. A powerful and relevant retelling of O'Neill's masterpiece, the play continues to challenge our understanding of honor and dignity. 

The Team

Director // Peter Richards

Set Designer // David M. Barber

Lighting Designer // Scott Bolman

Costume Designer // Moria Sine Clinton

Sound Designer // Mark Van Hare

Props Designer // Emily Naylor

Production Manager // Joshua Shain

Line Producer // Natalie Gershtein

Casting Director // Rebecca Feldman

Press Representatives // Glenna Freeman & Kamila Slawinski