Limited Engagement Playing at the Wild Project

195 East 3rd Street | New York, New York 




Anna Christie

tells the story of a young woman's struggle for redemption and a chance at a new life. Harboring a troubling secret from her past, Anna reunites with her father - a captain, a master of the sea, and a man she hardly knows. As the wild and dangerous waters would have it, Anna meets a shipwrecked young sailor and the two fall in love. When she finds she can no longer hide her past from the two men in her life, the bonds of love are tested. A powerful and relevant retelling of O'Neill's masterpiece, the play continues to challenge our understanding of honor and dignity. 

The Team

Director // Peter Richards

Set Designer // David M. Barber

Lighting Designer // Scott Bolman

Costume Designer // Moria Sine Clinton

Sound Designer // Mark Van Hare

Props Designer // Emily Naylor

Production Manager // Joshua Shain

Line Producer // Natalie Gershtein

Casting Director // Rebecca Feldman

Press Representatives // Glenna Freeman & Kamila Slawinski


Director's Past Productions


by William Shakespeare // directed by Peter Richards

scenic and projection design: Yee Run Nam // lighting design: Anna Cecilia Martin // sound design: Matt Glenn // costume design: Jennifer Foldenauer

with Jenny Greer, Thomas Piper, Mark Rimer, Christine Sage, Evan Smith and Lucia Yamuy

at Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica, California

"Directed by Peter Richards, every bodily sense is played upon ... The show's six-actor cast slips into the demands of the play like a glove ... It takes a truly talented ensemble to take a behemoth of a show like 'Macbeth' and, using six people, address the questions that audiences have pondered for centuries. The fact that we still wonder what will happen next, even at the bloody end of the play (due to a brilliant ending choice by director Peter Richards), shows the merit [of] this small gem of a production."

- Ryan Trophy, Neon Tommy

The Seagull

by Anton Chekov // translated by Paul Schmidt // directed by Peter Richards

scenic design: Ray Neufeld // lighting design: Natalie Robin // sound design: Mark van Hare // costume design: Carol Farrell

with Craig Baldwin, Jeffrey Brink, Paul Farwell, Rebecca Hart, Susannah Hoffman, Matt Hurley, John Lincoln, Marvin Merritt, Rachel Benbow Murdy, Thomas Piper and Kathleen Turco-Lyon

site-specific production at Ames Farm in Stonington, Maine

"... director Peter Richards has given new life and depth to Anton Chekov's 'The Seagull.' ... By taking this play outside to a stunningly beautiful seaside setting and then moving into a claustrophobic barn, the director and his cast have made modern the conflicts Chekov set in 1895 at a farm outside Moscow ... 'The Seagull' is a perfect example of how a play written more than 100 years ago and half a world away from Maine's rocky shore can be made relevant, its characters real, in the 21st century. It's a production that should not be missed." 

- Judy Harrison, Bangor Daily News

Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare // directed by Peter Richards

scenic design: Robin vest // lighting design: Natalie Robin // sound design: Mark van Hare // costume design: Kate Mincer

with Melody Bates, Matt Hurley, Christopher Michael McFarland, Jason Martin, Eric Messner, Thomas Piper and Bari Robinson

at Opera House Arts in Stonington, Maine

"...director Peter Richards subtlety parallels the politics of ancient Rome with those rumbling across America today ... The cast gives outstanding performances ... As Brutus' foil Mark Antony, Thomas Piper is brilliant ... The design team has done fine work executing Richards' version of Rome. The lighting design by Natalie Robin the production a rare visual vibrancy that only happens when the director and the designers share the same vision. The result ... is that theatergoers feel as though they are peeking around pillars, eavesdropping on the local political intrigue similar to what might be discussed in any town square before an annual town meeting. Opera House Arts again sends theatergoers home asking questions not just about society but about how susceptible they are to mob rhetoric."

- Judy Harrison, Bangor Daily News


WORKING BARN PRODUCTIONS is a theater producing organization focused on timely interpretations of the classics and new plays. Founded in 2014 by director Peter Richards, WORKING BARN is based out of Brooklyn, NY and produces in both New York and Los Angeles. Past productions include MACBETH, by William Shakespeare, at the Edgar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica, CA; and ANNA CHRISTIE by Eugene O'Neill at The Wild Project in New York City. Planned upcoming projects include IN THE LOWER DEPTHS by Maxim Gorky at the New Ohio Theater in New York; and the west-coast premiere of PLEASE EXCUSE MY DEAR AUNT SALLY, by Kevin Armento in a Los Angeles-area theater.